Celtic 11
Dundee 0
League (Division One)


11 - 0


League (Division One)
Saturday, October 26th, 1895
Celtic Park
Attendance: 10,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Sandy McMahon
Johnny Madden
James Blessington
Johnny Madden
Sandy McMahon
James Kelly
Allan Martin
Johnny Madden
Allan Martin
Barney Battles
Allan Martin

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
Daniel McArthur
Peter Meechan
Daniel Doyle
Willie Maley
James Kelly
Barney Battles
Johnny Madden
James Blessington
Allan Martin
Sandy McMahon
John Ferguson
Francis Barrett .1
Johnny Darroch .2
Charlie Burgess .3
James Dundas .4
William Longair .5
Frank Ferrier .6
William Thomson .7
Bill Sawers .8
Thomas Vail .9
Dave T. McDonald .10
Sandy Keillor .11

Match Officials

Mr Baillie (St Bernard’s) (Referee)
P. Gallagher (Celtic) & Mr. McCulloch (Dundee) (Assistants)

Match Report

These teams met at Glasgow on Saturday in the return League fixture. The encounter excited more than ordinary interest in the West, and upwards of 10,000 spectators turned out. A heavy fall of snow overnight, which the sun had partially melted, rendered the ground heavy and footing uncertain.

Almost a dead calm prevailed, however, and the luck of the coin, which fell to the Celts, gave them no real advantage.

The teams were:- Celtic - McArthur; Meechan and Doyle; Maley, Kelly, and Battles; Madden, Blessington, Martin, McMahon, and Ferguson.

Dundee - Barrett; Darroch and Burgess; Dundas, Longair, and Ferrier; Thomson, Sawers, Vail, McDonald, and Keillor.

At the outset Dundee came away with a rush, and Keillor twice had pretty shots at goal, his second effort just landing the ball in McArthur's hands. The Celts by dint of smart, machine-like passing came down on Barrett, and taxed the resources of the Dundee defence to the utmost. Unfortunately Darroch and Burgess were none too steady, and missed badly once or twice, but luckily the Celts were not in time to take advantage, and the Dundee front rank paid another flying visit to Celtic's territory.

Doyle and Meechan were in first-class form, however, and easily repulsed the attack. Madden and Blessington went off again, and when near the goal the latter gave McMahon a chance, which he promptly accepted, drawing first blood for the home team. The game was no sooner started than the Celts came back again, and some smart dribbling by Ferguson ended in the leather being sent through a second time.

Following this point Dundee had another look in, and Battles in heading the ball was sent heels over head by Thomson. The Celt apparently had a nasty fall, and the game had to be stopped for a few minutes. On resuming, the referee penalised the visitors. The ball was kicked strongly down the field, and a few minutes later Blessington added a third goal.

Dundee were fairly out of it, and a fourth and fifth goal followed in rapid succession. Close on half-time, Kelly added a sixth point, and the teams retired to the pavilion with the visitors half-a-dozen points to the bad.

After a lengthened stay, the teams reappeared, Dundee taking the field two men short. Ferrier had badly injured his ankle, while Longair was suffering from concussion sustained near the start which on entering the pavilion rendered him almost unconscious. McDonald was also on the injured list, but he took up his place in the team.

Though sorely handicapped, the visitors appeared to better advantage than they had done in the first half, and, though Sawers and Keillor had fallen back to the vacant places, the remnant of a forward line doing duty for Dundee paid more than one dangerous visit to McArthur.

The Celtic were not yet satisfied with the score, and a long shot from Martin brought them a seventh. Barrett did not make the slightest effort to avert this point, he evidently thinking the ball would clear the bar.

All interest was now out of the game, but neither side appeared to relax their efforts, Dundee striving hard to keep their opponets at bay, while the Celts responded to the calls of their supporters to "pile it on."

Madden was credited with the eighth point, Martin the ninth, Battles put up double figures, while just on the call of time Martin again found an opening and sent the ball safely home. The game thus ended - Celtic, 11 goals; Dundee, 0.

Match report written by The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement -

Squad Statistics (as at October 26th, 1895)

1895-96 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)23 11 - 41 -
Johnny Darroch - 11 - 35 -
Charlie Burgess21 11 - 11 -
Frank Ferrier - 1 - 1 -
Sandy Keillor27 91519
William Longair25 10 - 501
James Dundas27 1145017
Dave T. McDonald - 8585
Bill Sawers24 432311
William Thomson21 111489
Thomas Vail - 3232

League Table (as at October 26th, 1895)

No league table has been added for this season.