Hibernian 5
Dundee 1
League (Premier League)


5 - 1


League (Premier League)
Saturday, August 12th, 2000
Easter Road
Attendance: 12,075
3:00 PM Kick-off

Didier Agathe (16)
Didier Agathe (36)
Dirk Lehmann (81)
Dirk Lehmann (83)
Stuart Lovell (85)
Fabian Caballero (9)

Team Managers
Alex McLeish Ivano Bonetti

Starting Eleven
1. Nick Colgan
18. Gary Smith
19. Mathias Jack
3. Ulrik Laursen
14. Paul Fenwick
17. Tom Smith
11. John O'Neil
4. Franck Sauzee
10. Russell Latapy
12. Didier Agathe
9. Mixu Paatelainen
Robert Douglas .1
Marcello Marrocco .4
Marco De Marchi .5
Barry Smith .2
Steven Tweed .6
Ivano Bonetti .8
Javier Artero .18
Giorgi Nemsadze .10
Patrizio Billio .19
Fabian Caballero .7
Juan Sara .9

13. Ian Westwater
7. Stuart Lovell
16. Dirk Lehmann
26. Ian Murray
27. Tam McManus
Jamie Langfield .3
Chris Coyne .22
Willie Falconer .11
Michael Yates .16
Steven Milne .15

Dirk Lehmann for Mixu Paatelainen (74)
Stuart Lovell for Mathias Jack (69)
Ian Murray for Ulrik Laursen (83)
Willie Falconer for Ivano Bonetti (75)
Michael Yates for Javier Artero (86)

Mathias Jack (45) Steven Tweed (19)
Marco De Marchi (32)
Barry Smith (37)
Patrizio Billio (57)
Patrizio Billio (89)

Red Cards
None. Fabian Caballero (45)
Patrizio Billio (89)

Match Officials

George Clyde (Referee)
Ross McCluskie & Andrew Seymour (Assistants)
John Gilmour (Fourth Official)

Match Report

Let's get the cards face up on the table right away and make no bones about it. This is not what we've all come to expect in the Premier League.

Players actually regularly passing the ball to blokes in a jersey the same as theirs was mind boggling enough.

But when they started moving into the open spaces to pick up return passes, and start up yet another attack, it all became pretty hard to handle.

The days of wellying the ball aimlessly up the park certainly appear to be a gonner as far as this ball-juggling pair are concerned.

One can only speculate, of course, why that should be. But this certainly was a case of "spot the Scotsman".

Will this sort of stuff take a trick with others? Lets all hope it's catching. Sadly, with so many hot-blooded Latins about the place explosions are inevitable, and it was goal hero Fabian Caballero who blew his top first this time. To be fair to the Argentinian, Mathias Jack's tackle on him just before half-time was high and anything but handsome.

The Argie had to be red-carded, however, for punching the German in the face, while seemingly trying to do him damage. Billio followed his mate up the tunnel in the dying seconds having collected a second yellow card for a foul on Lovell.

Despite the slope being removed from Easter Road, it was all downhill for Dundee after the first dismissal. But Ivano Bonetti shouldn't be too despondent. On this showing, teams with 11 men on the park will struggle at Easter Road this season.

His foreigners, however, will really have to learn to cool it or more red cards will undoubtedly follow. There were no such problems for Alex McLeish and his travelling folk. They played well throughout.

The opener was a beaut. Caballero gave the ball to Nemsadze and took off at the toot for his return ball. Georgi the Georgian's pass was perfection itself, as was fab Fabian's flyer into the roof of the net. It was a case of you ain't seen nothing yet for the astonishing equaliser.

Didier Agathe took off from the half-way line and went past four defenders as if they were on a conveyor belt. A couple tried to knock the garlic out of him, but failed, and the flying Frenchman staggered on to toe poke the ball wide of the advancing goalie.

Hibs were gifted a chance to take the lead in 31 minutes after de Marchi brought down Smith and the referee pointed to the spot.

Latapy looked odds-on to score, but Douglas had other ideas and pulled off a great save.

The one which put Hibs ahead, believe it or not, was a wonder goal as well. Latapy's pass to Agathe was spot on, as was the Frenchman's chip over the goalie.

The clincher was as easy as falling off a dyke. A John O'Neil cross was headed into the net by high-flying Dirk Lehmann.

The clincher clincher was also notched by the German after Ulrik Laursen cut the ball back to him. It was left to Stuart Lovell to hit the clincher, clincher clincher from close in.

Other yellow card merchants were Marco De Marchi, Steven Tweed, Barry Smith and Mathias Jack.

Match report written by The Sunday Post

Squad Statistics (as at August 12th, 2000)

2000-01 All Time
Robert Douglas (GK)28 3 - 123 -
Steven Tweed28 3 - 533
Barry Smith26 3 - 1821
Marco De Marchi - 3 - 3 -
Marcello Marrocco31 3 - 3 -
Giorgi Nemsadze28 3 - 3 -
Javier Artero25 31122
Ivano Bonetti - 2 - 2 -
Patrizio Billio26 31212
Fabian Caballero22 3232
Juan Sara23 3131
Willie Falconer (sub)34 3 - 7420
Michael Yates (sub)20 2 - 81

League Table (as at August 12th, 2000)

No league table has been added for this season.