Dundee 2
Stoke City 2

2 - 2

Saturday, April 21st, 1894
Carolina Port
Attendance: 5,000
3:30 PM Kick-off

James Dundas 
Charles Craig 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Francis Barrett
2. Bill Ferrier
3. George Campbell
4. Alex Craig
5. William Longair
6. George McNaughton
7. J Coupar
8. David McInroy
9. James Dundas
10. Alexander
11. Charles Craig

Match Officials

Tom O'Kane (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

Stoke made their second appearance in Dundee on Saturday, when they met Dundee at Carolina Port Grounds.

The fact that the visitors' team containted five players hailing from this district was in itself a sufficient reason for a capital attendance.

The potters were out in good time, and they certainly looked a likely team. Dundee entered the enclosure five minutes later, Campbell leading his men into the enclosure in a confident manner.

Mr T. O'Kane was in charge of the affairs, and when the teams lined up they were constituted as follows:

Stoke - Cawley; Clare and Eccles; Christie, Meston, and Brodie: Brookfield, Dickson, Robertson, McReddie, and Schofield.

Dundee - Barrett; Ferrier and Campbell; Craig, Longair, and McNaughton, Coupar, McInroy, Dandas, Alexander, and C. Craig.

Dundee were the first to take up the running, but a splendid run by Schofield brought the visitors down on Barrett. The latter cleared, and Brookfield tried the home custodian with a shot, which was saved, while the same player almost immediately after put the ball over the bar.

Dickson placed to Brookfield, but it was from a pass by the latter that Robertson was enabled to land the first point for the visitors.

Dundee then pressed, and from a scrimmage, the result of a foul, the ball was sent through.

With the wind, Dundee kept up the pressure. A foul close in looked well for the visitors, but Campbell cleared in fine style. Dundas then headed a run west, and Alexander landed the sphere in front of Cawley, but Coupar was not up in time to negotiate the pass, and the effort was lost.

A corner now fell to Dundee, but it was badly placed by C. Craig. In the open Dundee were having the best of matters, but bad judgment in front of goal threw away many likely chances.

Campbell was playing a brilliant game at back, and repelled in fine style the attacks of Robertson and Dickson.

When close in Dundas had a chance, but his shot was weak. Dundee still continued to press, and Coupar, getting clear, placed straight in, but Cawley was ready.

A corner was then forced by C. Craig but half time arrived with the score - Dundee, 1; Stoke, 1.

On resuming, play was very quiet Dickson being the first to try Barrett, no advantage, however, was gained.

With the wind, Stoke pressed the home defence, and Craig just stopped Schofield in time. The home forwards then broke a way, and although met by a strong resistance McInoy secured the sphere, and by a splendid pass C. Craig had no difficulty in sending a second point past Cawley.

The visitors now worked hard and Campbell got a somewhat serious charge from the opposing right, the old Rentonian, however, played on, but his efforts could not save a second point coming from Dickson, and the teams were once more level.

From the kick-off Dundee got east, and secured a corner, but nothing resulted, and Schofield immediately afterwards, with a smart run, gave Barrett a chance of exhibiting his well-known saving powers.

Play was now fast, and a try from Craig at half was sent past by C. Craig.

A combined run by the Stoke forward forced Barrett to throw out, and although the visitors were granted a foul close to the home posts, the chance was muddled. Both sides made strenuous effort to add the winning point, but although both goals were visited, no further scoring took place, the game ending in a draw of 2 goals each.

Squad Statistics (as at April 21st, 1894)

1893-94 All Time

League Table (as at April 21st, 1894)

Pld W D L +/- Pts
1. Celtic 18 14 1 3 +21 29
2. Hearts 17 10 4 3 +13 24
3. St Bernard's 17 10 1 6 +13 21
4. Rangers 17 8 4 5 +15 20
5. Dumbarton 17 7 5 5 -2 19
6. St Mirren 18 7 3 8 +2 17
7. Third Lanark 18 7 3 8 -6 17
8. Dundee 18 6 3 9 -12 15
9. Leith 18 4 2 12 -10 10
10. Renton 18 1 2 15 -34 4