Hibernian 6
Dundee 1


6 - 1


Saturday, April 28th, 1894
Easter Road
Attendance: 2,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

William Longair 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
Francis Barrett .1
Bill Ferrier .2
James Brown .3
George Campbell .4
William Longair .5
George McNaughton .6
Sandy Keillor .7
David McInroy .8
James Dundas .9
William Craik .10
Sandy Gilligan .11

Match Officials

Mr James Baillie (St Bernards) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

The return match between these teams was decided at Easter Road in splendid weather, but the attendance was poor, and at no time during the game did the spectators exceed in numbers 2000.

The Hibernians were minus Smith and Macfarlane, who were doing uaty for the League at Motherwell, and also their custodian Donnelly.

Dundee were also minus three of their usual men, and in consequence their eleven was considerably rearrange.

The teams were:- Dundee - Barrett; Ferrier and Brown: Campbell, Longair, and McNaughton; Keillor, McInroy, Dundas, Craik, and Gilligan.

Hibernians - McGinn; Smith and Rooney; Breslin, McGeachan, and Murphy; Murray, Kennedy, Martin, Howe, and Amos.

The Hibernians started a few minutes late, a scorching sun beating right across the field.

By a clever bit of work, Dundas got on the ball, and along with Craik and Gilligan carried it to the Hibernian goal. Their stay here, however, was of but brief duration, and in a few minutes the Hibernians were banging away merrily at Barrett.

Campbell managed to get the danger away, but back came the Irishmen, and after a lot of scrambling in the goalmouth, Kennedy headed the ball into the net.

The Dundee forwands were utterly unable to get away, and after some fast work between Keillor and McInroy on the one side and Murphy on the other, the Hibernians again took ap the pressure.

A free kick let Dundee away, but a brilliant run by Murray right down the wing resulted in further disaster. He sent the leather beautifully across, and with Ferrier and Brown hanging around him Howie sent the ball into the net.

This fairly put Dundee team on their mettle, but although Keillor tried to burst away, Murphy caught him up easily, and in no time Barrett's hands were again full to overflowing.

A weak punt by Brown made matters look black for his side, but the custodian was all right. Things were really assuming a serious aspect for Dundee when the Hibernians again swooped down, and Martin seemed dead on.

Longair hung on to the centre, however, successfully and the ball rolled harmlessly over the line.

So enraged was the Irishman at his opponent's tactic that he struck him several times on the head, but Longair did not retaliate, and the referee only warned them.

Dundee managed to get away from the kick-off, and rushing down the right Gilligan and Craik managed to beat off all opposition. The letter sent in a lovely shot, which struck the net pole and bounded out.

Play was even after this, but just on the interval the ground team again began to press.

Amos sent in a shot from the touch-line, and as Howie had attended to the custodian no one was there to stop its progress.

The Hibs had the best of matters up to the interval, when the score stood 4 to 1 in their favour.

The second half opened in a sensational manner, for the first few minutes Barrett doing nothing but fisting out shots.

His goalkeeping was really magnificent, and for half an hour he was always on the move. Corner after corner came the way of the Hibs, but nothing resulted, and at last the Dundee forwards managed to find their way down the field.

Their passing was inaccurate, and a huge kick by Scitt sent the ball in Barrett's direction once again. Dundee's defender let the ball slip out of his hands, and Martin had nothing to do but walk through

The kick the ball against the post, and amidst a derisive shout, Campbell got it away.

Dundas worked away, but McGeachan collared him, and sent the ball sailing in, and Martin made amends for his previous error by sending the ball past Barrett for the fifth time.

Until the very close the game was fought out round Dundee's post, and just on time Howie again scored.

A one-sided game therefore ended - Hibernians, 6 goals; Dundee, I goal.

Squad Statistics (as at April 28th, 1894)

1893-94 All Time

League Table (as at April 28th, 1894)

Pld W D L +/- Pts
1. Celtic 18 14 1 3 +21 29
2. Hearts 18 11 4 3 +14 26
3. St Bernard's 17 10 1 6 +13 21
4. Rangers 17 8 4 5 +15 20
5. Dumbarton 18 7 5 6 -3 19
6. St Mirren 18 7 3 8 +2 17
7. Third Lanark 18 7 3 8 -6 17
8. Dundee 18 6 3 9 -12 15
9. Leith 18 4 2 12 -10 10
10. Renton 18 1 2 15 -34 4