Renton 3
Dundee 3
Scottish Cup (Semi Final Replay)


3 - 3


Scottish Cup (Semi Final Replay)
Saturday, February 23rd, 1895
Hampden Park
Attendance: 25,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

William Maxwell 
Sandy Gilligan 
David McInroy 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
Francis Barrett .1
Johnny Darroch .2
Harry Erentz .3
James Dundas .4
William Longair .5
Sandy Keillor .6
William Thomson .7
David McInroy .8
William Maxwell .9
Bill Sawers .10
Sandy Gilligan .11

Match Officials

Mr. Duff (Alloa) (Referee)
Mr. Dugald McCall (Renton) & Mr. W. Saunders (Dundee) (Assistants)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (; The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

These teams met on Hampden Park, Glasgow, on Saturday, in the semi-final round of the Scottish Cup ties.

A previous meeting at Dundee had ended in a draw of one goal, and Renton giving choice of ground for the second match - with an eye to the gate money -decided to play off the tie in Glasgow.

Western football enthusiast have always had a soft side for the villagers, consequently the match was the all absorbing topic in Glasgow football circles during the week.

Favoured with genial weather, and coming on the back of an enforced hiatus in the winter pastime of over a month's duration, the Dundee - Renton match proved an enormous attraction, and nearly a couple of hours before the time fixed for the kick off the crowd commenced to assemble within the famons enclosure of the Queen's park.

By three o'clock every available inch of ground was taken up, and at that time it was calculated that nearly 20,000 spectators were present.

Renton were first to step on the field and were greeted with ringing cheers, while the reception of the Dundee team, though scarcely so enthusiastic, was nonetheless cordial.

Teams:- Dundee - Barrett: Darroch and Erentz (Newton Heath); Dundas, Longair, and Keillor: Thompson, McInroy, Maxwell, Sawers, and Gilligan.

Renton - Dickie; Ritchie and Glen; Tait, McColl, and Duncan; McLean, Murray, Price, White, and Gilfillan.

The spin of the coin favored Renton, and the Dundee men were set to face a slight breeze and a strong sun. Renton were first to invade, but nothing practical resulted and the sphere was kicked into Renton quarters, where Gilligan got on and shot for goal, but Dickie smartly avoid.

The slippery state of the ground made play somewhat erratic, but he villagers were keeping their feet much better than the Dundonians, and more than one dangerous rush on Barrett's charge was only averted by the most strenuous efforts of the back division.

Judicious passing by the Dundee left wing brought their forwards within shouting distance. Gilligan shot a across the goal but Maxwell, when a point seemed certain, failed to get his toe on the ball, and it went over the line.

From the goal kick, Murray made off, and went straight for the Dundee goal at a great pace. Longair tackled him, but the ball was sent onward, and Erentz losing his footing in front of goal, Price dashed in and drew first blood for Renton with a swift, low shot.

Deafening cheers greeted this early success of the Rentonions, and, responding to the encouraging shout of the spectators, they forced the pace. From a brace of corners which fell to them they almost brought about the downfall of the Northern goal.

Play was brought into Renton quarters for a brief space, but Dickie was not called upon, and next minute saw the blue jerseys swarming in front of the Dundee goal. A shot from the right wing was saved at the expense of a corner. The kick was well taken, and a sharp scrimmage in the goalmouth ended in the ball being sent past Barrett for a second time.

Matters were now looking black for Dundee, but there was no sign of slackening on their part, and the ball being again set in motion the front rank made tracks for the Renton end.

Clever passing between Sawers and Gilligan brought the ball close up, and the latter player, with a well-judged pass, gave Maxwell a grand chance. The Arbroathian, with an open goal in front of him, steadied himself and shot, but while some of the spectators were shouting "goal" the sphere flew past the upright with a foot to spare.

Nothing of interest took place till the close of the half, when the score stood - Renton, 2 goals; Dundee, 0.

Dundee had now the wind at their back, as the sun withdrew from the scene, and Renton were to this extent relieved of a disadvantage.

On resuming Renton forced the pace, and a fierce tussle ensued on the Dundee goal line in which Barrett, the Dundee back, and several Renton players were inextricably mixed up for a minute, The Dundee custodian cleared his lines in splendid style however.

A smart passing ran in which Keillor, Sawers and Gilligan were conspicuous, ended in the latter player sending in a lightning shot from a few yards out which, unfortunately for Dundee, rebounded from Dickie's chest, and the ball was got away.

Dundee still pressed but at this stage, Thomson got a nasty knock on the face, which drew blood, and play was suspended for a minute. Resuming, the Dundee forwards ran up, and Thomson putting in some a smart work on the right wing, by a beautiful centre gave Maxwell a chance and he, with a smart header, opened the scoring for Dundee.

On the kick-off, White made tracks towards the Dundee goal, but Longair brought him to grass in front of goal, and with a powerful kick out the leather into Renton territory.

Offside against Maxwell brought relief, but the respite was but momentary, and the stripes came down again in a body. A foul against McColl was kicked by Erentz, but the ball was sent past.

A few minutes later, Gilligan from the midst of a tussle in goal put the teams on level terms.

Excitement now ran high, and to the cries of "Play up, Renton," the home team shook off their opponents, and McLynn, from a pass by Price, landed the ball in the net. Offside, however, was claimed and given, and the decision was greeted with shouts of disapproval from the crowd.

Dundee next looked like scoring, but they were driven back pointless, and Renton coming away with a rush sent a hard shot into Barrett. The Dundee custodian caught it in his arms, but in the effort slipped and fell, and McLean rushing in banged the ball into the net.

The cheers which greeted this effort lasted several minutes, the occupants of the grand stand riding and waving hats and sticks enthusiastly.

Nothing daunted, Dundee set themselves to avert defeat, and play became almost desperate. Time was now wearing to a close, and the Renton supporters were beginning to congratulate themselves on a victory when, from a well-placed corner kick from the foot of Thomson, McInroy banged the ball into the net, putting the teams once more on equal footing. Shortly afterwards the whistle blew, with the scores standing-Dundee, 3 goals: Renton, 3.

Squad Statistics (as at February 23rd, 1895)

1894-95 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)22 18 - 24 -
Johnny Darroch - 18 - 18 -
Harry Erentz - 1 - 1 -
Sandy Keillor27 182368
William Longair24 17 - 341
James Dundas27 1713413
Sandy Gilligan - 1262812
William Maxwell - 4556
David McInroy - 82189
Bill Sawers23 158158
William Thomson20 184358

League Table (as at February 23rd, 1895)

Pld W D L +/- Pts

No games played.